A taste of Africa – in March

We were joined at our March meeting by Vijay Bhatia, an Area Demonstrator from the London & Overseas Area, who gave a fascinating demonstration titled ‘Out of Africa’.

Vijay grew up in Nairobi in Kenya, sometimes also referred to as ‘the Green City in the Sun’ thanks to its mix of rainforest and savannah grassland. Vijay didn’t begin flower arranging until she married and moved to England, but her upbringing has always been very influential on her compositions. The flowers she used at our March meeting were a colourful and vibrant mix, and also included the unusual durian fruit, shown in the bottom left of this photo:


The durian fruit has a reputation for a disgusting smell, so much so that it is not allowed on aircraft! Although the taste is quite pleasant apparently. The durian fruit that Vijay passed around for us to see had been ‘sanitised’, and it was very interesting to see and handle one.

Our thanks to Vijay for a wonderful demonstration which gave us lots of great ideas.

Of course we did not realize at the time that this would be our last meeting for some while. The situation is so uncertain it is not clear how many meetings and events will have to be cancelled. Please keep up to date by checking the programme of events here on our website and watch out for our regular email newsletters.