Women’s Institute West Kent Centenary Celebration

News of another inspiring event earlier this month: the Women’s Institute West Kent Centenary Celebration.

The celebration was held on Wednesday 11th July in the beautiful surroundings of The Friars in Aylesford, and a number of Kent clubs showed exhibits at the event. The exhibits ranged from flower arrangements to pictures, and cushions made from re-used materials.

There were also a number of interesting craft demonstrations, including knitting, crocheting and bobbin lace.

The West Kent Market set up stalls outside the Barn, selling a variety of produce including fruit, plants, jams and pickles. There were lots of tempting offers to choose from!

Other attractions included a raffle and a treasure hunt, and wonderful displays created by the archivists showing some of the Federation activities through the years.

Sevenoaks Flower Club member Muriel Fuller attended, and took some photos to share with us.

Flower arrangements were displayed in the cloisters and the surrounding chapels:

Centenary Celebration

Centenary Celebration

Centenary Celebration


Shoreham village celebrated 100 years of Women’s Institute membership with this beautiful arrangement:


The event has been in the planning for 18 months, and judging by the number of cars arriving it was very well attended! Well done to the hard-working committee who made it all possible, and a massive congratulations to all West Kent Members.

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